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Sighting on manufacturing turned work component in small and large series. Ours domain are elements with average to the 30 mm and longitude from 10 to the 200 mm all figure after submission clients. Manufacture also elements in by other proportions - until average 150 mm and longitude 400 mm, we're able realize and absolutely atypical requirements and request. Lathe from currently accessible leafy evergreen woody species - beech, maple, ash, basswood, alder, and more. From spruce, pine tree or of other coniferous evergreen tree species work only on request clients. 

Turned work component for furniture:
Hangers, decorative wooden accessories, hold, legs to armchairs, sofas and other furniture, wooden small ballustrade and like.

Different types of caps from the longitudinal and transverse timber, plugs for screw holes, repairing knots atypical shapes and diameters, pins and other components

Hands, feet, guides and guiding systems for puppets, polished shoes, props, brooms, pipes, poles, lamps, flasks, spears, swords. Body puppets themselves and assembled, ready to wear, and other modifications. Round head puppets, noses, eyes and other parts.

Wooden components of toys:
Wheels, figurines, turned parts of toys, balls, props, bells, various components of the assembly.

Warehouse components:
Part of our range of products are on stock and can be e-shop purchase. Purchased goods shipped immediately. 

Transport of goods ordered:
Commercial package or mail delivery service for a smaller volume, or smaller value. Imports into the office for more customer shipment, or for our regular customers.