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Our custom production

On our sites you can only introduce to small part our offerings. Majority orders implement after exactly requirement consumer. In case, that the will you request offered commodity stuff in by other proportions, be enough to us send required dimension.

To realization your new order's, where require manufacturing his component, shall need next:

  • Sample, plan, or drawing with marked proportions and parameters manufacture.
  • Marking critical parameters product – e.g . averages, where's product splice with other – and requisite toleration these parameters.
  • Marking proportions or dimension product, near which isn't necessary compliance accurate proportions and their perhaps toleration.
  • Required number pcs . and requisite term delivery.
  • Request manufacturing model for well - tried – only in the event of realization whole order's.

Manufacturing models:
Production designs for well - tried new thing realize only for ours long - term and stable economy clients. In of others cases rest in everything on agreement.