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About firm:

Ours starts date into 70 years last century, when we're manufactured wooden saucer, saltcellar, plate and jacks on ova for headquarters people's art manufacturing in Prague. In the year 1981 we're started manufacture drumsticks. Company R - stick was based in the year 1986 on then permission Local national collection for administration welfare service. After a year 1989 we're wood turning and production drumsticks started apply to whole - time. Started we're cooperate with toy - shop company, for which we're manufactured parts and manufacturing further broadened about turned work furniture legs and various columns.
In the year 1996 we're started cooperate with Prague's makers marionettes, for which we're before lathed component and later manufactured set all corpuscle marionettes for others set - up. Presently sighting on manufacturing turned work component on order and manufacture drummer beaters. That constitute on personal pages , here would wanted present ours possibilities and acquirements in production minute turned work component, marionettes and turned work elements. Everything, what on our pages find, is specialized on 100 % performance requirement our consumers, whereby always try go out at the most towards.

What's aim homesters long - term cooperation customer.

Long - term and continual client try go out at full blast towards and be for them continual, credulity and reliable partner. We know how important is for ours consumers reservation troublefree supplies vital to realization their intentions and possibility depend on his supplier.

This goal also fully subordinate his present activity. Prefer long - term cooperation mutually advantageous to both sides. Prove in extenso suit to needs consumer and work everything therefor, to we're to him were credulity and continual customer. 

Know, how is this important in the event of, that the on ours work depends fruitfulness and timely realization orders, to which supply ours component part. Therefore work everything, to are like our consumer could over us always behind jakychkoliv situation rely on.